Telecom giant Huawei collaborates with Maxis on 5G deployment

  • The companies will focus on bringing about full-fledges 5G trials in Malaysia.

  • Maxis plans to be the debut firm to bring back the latest technologies in the country.

The Malaysia-based communications & digital services company Maxis, has reportedly signed an MoU with telecom conglomerate Huawei at the 2019 Mobile World Congress. As per sources familiar with the matter, both the companies intend to collaborate for accelerating 5G adoption in Malaysia. In essence, the MoU will target cooperation on full-fledged 5G trials in the country with end-to-end services.

Gokahn Ogut, CEO-designate, Maxis, has been quoted to state that the firm’s 5G journey has commenced since long, and it has already been involved in live trials, investments, and the upgradation of network infrastructure so that the company is ready for the smart solution era. Maxis is thrilled to be working with Huawei on 5G, and plans to pioneer the launch of the latest technologies in Malaysia, Ogut claims.

Further elaborating on the MoU, Ogut affirmed that Maxis has been consistent in maintaining its network leadership in Malaysia, with respect to the aspects of performance, speed, and quality. The company looks forward to delivering high-quality 5G services for business and consumers alike in the country, Ogut adds further.

Expressing gratitude to Maxis on behalf of Huawei for the former’s long-standing trust and support, Michael Yuan, CEO, Huawei Malaysia, stated that the company is delighted to have inked this MoU with Maxis, that depicts the dedication that both the firms possess toward the development of 5G in Malaysia. Yuan also claimed that Huawei, as a prominent global ICT infrastructure provider, is committed to helping the Malaysian firm expand its reach and forge newer growth avenues with Huawei’s simplified, full-series 5G product portfolio.

A report by The Star claims Yuan to have stated that Huawei has inked around 30 commercial contracts so far and has shipped over 40,000 5G base stations spanning the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

The signing of the MoU in question apparently involved the participation of Morten Bangsgaard, CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Maxis, apart from the company’s CEO-designate. Representing Huawei were the firm’s rotating chairman Guo Ping and Jeffrey Liu, President, Huawei Southern Pacific, apart from Michael Yuan.