Fujifilm to invest around ¥10B in U.S. semiconductor site expansion

  • The investment would be made over a period of three years across the company’s U.S. bases.

  • The move aims to further expand the production, development & sale of the firm’s semiconductor materials.

Fujifilm Holdings Corporation (Fujifilm), a renowned Japanese multinational imaging & photography firm, has reportedly announced that it would be investing over ¥10 billion across its U.S. semiconductor sites.

Reports cite, the company would be spreading out the investment over a period of three years with the intention of further expanding the production, development & sales of the company’s semiconductor materials.

According to a press release by Fujifilm, the company possesses research & development as well as marketing bases across several nations including Japan, Taiwan, the U.S., Belgium & South Korea to supply a plethora of cutting-edge semiconductor materials such as photoresists, CMP slurries, developers, image sensor materials and high-purity solvents. The company, at all locations, is working to provide individually targeted, meticulous support for greater consumer satisfaction.

The company would be expanding the facilities for manufacturing, development as well as quality assurance (QA) of the cutting-edge Fujifilm semiconductor materials at the Rhode Island & Arizona facilities.

The company would reportedly be constructing new buildings in Arizona, which will be installed with top-of-the-line inspection machinery to expedite the development of different chemicals to polish semiconductor chips as well as high-purity solvents and CMP slurries. The production plants at Rhode Island would be expanded to produce advanced NTI solvents.

Reportedly, the investment would also be strengthening the company’s supply system as semiconductor demands are rapidly increasing. These products are expected to become more & more sophisticated owing to the spread of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and next-gen 5G network.

According to reports, the company would commence the investment and expansion activities in December 2018.