Big corporates join forces to revolutionize U.S. clean energy scenario

In a recent turn of events, some of America’s leading manufacturers, technology companies, and consumer firms have reportedly joined hands to sprout a boom in the American renewable energy purchases across corporate establishments.

If reports are to be believed, corporate behemoths and their nonprofitmaking partners on Thursday introduced Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance, a trade body allowing companies to take advantage of the new ways to buy clean energy. Reportedly, the aim is to assist the development of new clean energy projects by commissioning renewable energy deals initiated by noteworthy firms like General Motors, Walmart, and Google-parent Alphabet in recent times.

Michael Terrell, Google’s Head of Energy Market Strategy, stated that this move is all about involving as many players as possible to the market and offering each of them access to clean energy.

Sources close to the development noted that under the REBA association, these pioneers intend to encourage tens of thousands of firms to purchase renewable power in the foreseeable future, thereby inflating the market from current 5000 companies.

Terrell further elaborated that entering into a corporate level renewable deal should be as easy as clicking a push button and getting renewable energy directed to a data center. However, it is not virtually that simple today, and that is where companies have a role to play, noted Terrell.

Since last year, several companies have signed plentiful corporate renewable deals to introduce nearly 16 gigawatts of new renewable energy capacity in the United States, reported sources. REBA plans to expedite that activity and escalate the market to 60 GWs by 2025, cited a source close to the alliance.

Corporate America has a significant role to play because industrial and commercial power users are the chief reason for energy-based greenhouse gas discharges in the U.S., stated Miranda Ballentine, the founding CEO of REBA.

According to recent contemplations, REBA would launch with about 200 corporate customers and 125 renewable energy manufacturers and service providers.